High Range, Australia 
About an hour until midnight. Watching a tribute to "Countdown" and the Young Brothers at the opera house on the tele. I think my old mate Chris was playing guitar on at least one of the pieces. Anyway you probably won't quite get this because a lot of this will be lost in translation. Let's just say hot summer night, old school Aussie rock-n-roll being served up in abundance, and 1.5 million people lining Sydney Harbour and probably 5 million watching on the tele. Soon to be followed by the greatest fireworks show on the planet. Peace. If I don't make it back online tonight, Happy New Year.
Also at some point, insurance companies flat-out refuse to insure your event in any way. I'm sure the actuaries have fun calculating potential energy density :-)
unless you find a way to get the smoke to clear from the prior volleys before doing so

So :-) true

This year we could hardly see to the other side of this small harbor. The locals fired and fired many many rockets into the sky. Dust as in a bad Hollywood war movie.

This event is paid for by the taxpayers, so I doubt there's a cap on insurance costs or lack of willing underwriters.